Tequila is one of the iconic beverages of Mexico.  Its history is a bit strange and we found some interesting facts about it, which we will discuss, so that the next time you take a shot you can say Salud! (Cheers) with more pleasure.

Mexican tequila with lime


1.  It is said that the origin of tequila started during a storm, when lightning struck a maguey plant and it began to give off a sweet smell.  The smell came from a part of the core of the plant being burned by the lightning.  The indigenous people decided to try what made the plant smell so good.  As days passed, they realized that the plant produced a foam from the core with a much richer flavor.  The foam was removed from the plant and this is how they began its consumption.  For the indigenous people, this drink was a gift from the Gods.

Tequila making Tequila Jalisco

Image: México Desconocido


2.  The first franchise to produce distilled tequila was granted to Jose Antonio Cuervo in 1758.

3.  Tequila gets its designation from its origin.  This means that it can only be called tequila if it is produced in the town of  Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico.

Tequila plant Mexico


4.  The word tequila comes from the Nahuatl word “tequitl” meaning job, and “tlan” meaning place.

5.  Tequila is one of the few drinks that can be paired with almost any food.

shots of tequila


6.  It's believed that the shot glass, from which you drink the tequila originated from the bull's horns that were used in the factories for sample drinking.

7.  The most of expensive bottle of tequila sold was called Aztec Passion, and was sold for 1 million dollars.

 Written by Lizzy Santoyo, translated by Kelly Fitzgerald

Writter Bio

Kelly Fitzgerald

Kelly is a writer from Philly who fell in love with Cancun and never left. A free spirit with a liberal mind and a hippie heart, she lives for days at the beach and nights exploring new places. Her loves include Mexican culture, soccer, and food.


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