A lot of people can’t imagine how one of the most important touristic destinations in the World was conceived. Cancun, our Mexican treasure started as a banker’s project at the end of the 60s, with the idea to take advantage of the unsurpassed natural beauties of the place. Few years later, the dream came true, but the city was pretty different to what we now see. We hope you like the pictures!

cancun 1970cancun

An aerial view of Cancun from 1970 and how it looks today.

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Punta Cancun more than 30 years ago was just sand, few homes and the unequaled turquoise sea.

Cancun1970(3) ae18torreda7

The Calinda Bridge once was an simple, yet functional construction made up of wood. Things have changed, don’t you think?


The Cancun International Airport, started as a model and today is the second most important in Mexico.

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Pictures: Cancun: A banker’s fantasy (Fernando Martí)

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4 Responses to “Cancun: A travelers paradise almost 40 years later”

  1. Andrea Mier y Teran

    Yucatan Holidays,
    You guys are doing a great job!
    Found this article of Cancun before and after on your Twitter… and love it!!
    Congratulations also on your recent awards.
    Andrea Mier y Teran
    Merida, Yucatan

  2. Yucatan Holidays


    Thank you very much for your nice comment!
    We are trying to do our best to spread the word and bring more visitors to our paradise!
    We are glad you liked the article; so many changes in the last 4 decades!
    Congratulations to your tourist guide too! It’s almost an institution in all the region and always a great source.
    Best wishes!

    Yucatan Holidays

  3. matthew wolff

    This change is remarkable. Hard to believe a sandy peninsula could be transformed into such a fablous destination.

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