A vacation means time for rest, activities and schedule changes. Some people look forward to enjoying time with family and friends, playing sports and even escaping their problems. A vacation is the perfect opportunity to travel, get to know new places and go to the beach.

Infographic protecting the beaches

Generally, beach destinations are among the most popular for summer vacations. Cancun has many beautiful beaches, which are ranked as national and international favorites in the world of tourism.

Beach cleanup

Recreational beaches are very crowded in the summer months and water activities provide enormous benefits for people’s health and welfare. This is why it is important to keep the beaches clean while you visit.

Cigarette butts on the beach

In the last beach cleanup, in which more than 7,000 volunteers participated, it was discovered that cigarette butts are the most hazardous waste materials. Volunteers collected 11 tons, or 45 percent less waste compared to last year, evidence of increased environmental awareness among the population visiting the beaches of Cancun.

Recycling at the beaches in Cancun

Separate the garbage you generate during your visit. Some beaches have recycling bins. If you find them, perfect, and if not, take your trash home to throw it in the right place.

When you go home, be sure to leave the beaches just as clean as you found them when you arrived.

Written by Guillermo Ferrer, translated by Katie Donat

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Southern California girl living in Cancún. Beachgoer. Travel enthusiast. Nature lover. Karma believer. Foodie. Free spirit in search of life’s simple pleasures.


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