Leaving your home country for an international vacation is thrilling, but it can also leave you feeling a bit uncertain. What will the weather be like? Where should you stay? How much money should you bring? These internet travel tools will help you find answers to these questions and many more.

1. Search Engines

Find the best deals on airline tickets, hotels and more on these user friendly search engines.

Kayak: You can easily refine your search criteria on this easy to use site.

InsideTrip: A search engine dedicated solely to airfare. What makes this site special are their TripQuality ratings which let you know things like how often luggage is lost, if you will have enough time to connect and the age of the aircraft.

Travelocity, Expedia: Tried and true, these are both great options for finding the best deals on airfare, hotels, etc.

2. Travel Review Sites

Many people are now looking to other travelers when planning their vacations. Benefit from the experiences (and mistakes) of others.

TripAdvisor: Undoubtedly the king of travel review sites.

TravBuddy: Travelers share experiences, opinions and photos. The site includes sections on hostels and things to do.

3. Social Networks

Meet and exchange information with other travelers. Remember, don’t ever post your travel itinerary on any website.

Dopplr: Share advice with other frequent travelers or post questions and let others answer them.

Matador Travel: Geared towards lovers of the great outdoors, you can read travel blogs and write your own.

4. Converters

Currency and distance converters are extremely useful when traveling to another country. You will want to know things like how many Mexican Pesos one U.S. Dollar will buy and how many miles 100 kilometers equals.

Oanda: This currency converter even lists Cuban Convertible pesos (tourist play money in Cuba) and includes a traveler’s cheat sheet.

EXRX Converter:  This length or distance converter is very easy to use.

5. Weather Sites

The weather will affect your trip in one way or another so investigate ahead of time and find out if you should bring your umbrella, your sweater or your sunblock.

The Weather Channel: Current conditions, 10-day forecast, maps, weather apps and a lot more.

WUnderground: Fahrenheit or Celsius, satellite, webcams and weather blogs.


What is your favorite travel tool? Please share your “best kept secret” in the comments below!


About the Author

kristin Kristin Busse is currently a travel writer but has worked in many different industries. She lives in Cancun, Mexico and plans to use her diverse experiences to write about the Yucatan Peninsula from her unique perspective.

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No Responses to “5 Online Travel Tools for International Travelers”

  1. sarah porterfield

    definitely use the weather channel a lot! and trip advisor also, but usually don’t get too far with it. other than that i’m not much in the loop…although facebook of course!!!

  2. Caitlin Perkinson

    My favorite travel tool is searching the internet for the best deals!!!

  3. Lana Feix

    I use trip advisor all the time. I also always check the weather before we leave for beautiful Mexcio.

  4. Alexandra

    My favorite is the weather channel tool! I love being excited for the hott weather!

  5. Alan Kreit

    Trip advisor is great for hotels and restaurants. Also expedia is great for reservations.

  6. jamie lencioni

    I find expedia and travelocity very useful when planning my vacations, they help me price compare. I have also found trip advisor especially helpful because I trust people to tell me a review of where I want to stay.

  7. Tammy Overcash

    We use search engines quite frequently to help us book our travel plans. Travelocity is great. We also have a membership at Palace Resorts and that allows us to travel to many destinations within the same family.

  8. Marlie Anderson

    I use all except the 2 social networks mentioned. I’m going to check those out right away. I also use TripCase iPhone app to keep track of my flights and reservation confirmation numbers in one place. The app updates you about flight delays and gate changes.


  9. Karen Creswell

    I have to say I always use TripAdvisor whether it is to review hotels or to go on the forum to get useful info about the destination I will be going to. I have to admit that for weather I actually go to the Canadian weather site as I find it is more reliable.

  10. julie cowart

    I use trip advisor all the time and also post there. ! They tend to be very accurate !!! I also use kayak as one of my trips search engines but use orbitz more often. I have every converter known to man since I love travelling.

  11. Jules L.

    the travel reviews are always helpful to me when planning a vacation..

  12. Jd drenchek-scavo

    I haven’t taken a trip in awhile but when we do I will be using a site like trip advisor

  13. Melissa Kelley

    My favorite travel tool is definitely the internet. I am always looking for the best deals when we go anywhere. You never have to pay the price posted!

    Melissa Kelley

  14. Karla

    I love the Weather channel! and that would be very helpful…. The trip planner is really good too!

  15. Gayle W

    Two tools I use a lot from the above – TripAdvisor and the Weather Channel. We sometimes go during hurricane season, and it’s good to get a read on what might be in store for you.
    I like TripAdvisor, but use it with a cautious eye. I love seeing the pictures of places taken by real travelers. It really helps to see the real thing versus the PR pictures places have on their websites. Also, when using TripAdvisor, pay attention to where reviewers are from. Standards are different in Canada, Eurpoe, US and reviews can vary greatly based on the origin of the reviewer.

  16. Peter Denis

    1) I use the weather channel to find past weather history and current weather
    2) I use Travel Advisor to help me find the best in lodging and restaurants, and things to do
    3) I use Inside trip for the best in airfare.

  17. Mary Beth Kratsas

    I Love the weather channel it helps me keep in touch with perfect situations for the perfect photographs! Also I use Trip advisor when looking for lodging and restaurants!I would love to come to Mexico and take beautiful Photos! I love making countries look Great!
    Inside Air has some great rate options!

  18. Peter Denis

    I liked insider trip, the weather channel, and travel advisor. See above blog. Signed: Peter Denis

  19. Kristin Busse

    Thanks guys for your opinions, experiences and suggestions!!!


  20. Jennifer Smith

    Trip advisor for honest reviews of hotels/resorts. Some you have to take with a grain of salt… there are some very negative people in this world. The weather channel is perused WEEKS before the trip and then gets me all excited to see temperatures at home; when I’m there. As in -30 degrees celcius to 20 degrees at my sunny destination!

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