1. Grab your brightest and greenest bikini, bathing suit, or swim trunks and head for the beach. You don’t want to get pinched for not wearing green today.

2. Order a tall glass of Mexican dark beer, not a Corona.

3. Ask your waiter to bring you margarita or a mojito. The perfect green drink for a hot day in Cancun.

4. Go out to one of Cancun’s many nightclubs and enjoy the festivities that will surely be celebrated on this day.

5. Spread the joy and luck of the Irish by sending good wishes to everyone you meet today.

5 Quick facts of the Irish in Mexico

1. Mexico does have more than 90,000 citizens who are ethnically Irish.

2. Many Irish immigrated to Mexico between 1830 and 1840.

3. In Mexico, St. Patrick is called San Patricio. He is the patron saint of many Mexican towns.

4. St. Patrick's Day in Mexico is important because the St. Patrick Battalion fought along side the Mexican army in the Mexican-American war. These came to be known as the San Patricios.

5. On Saint Patrick's Day, ceremonies are held to honor the San Patricios or the “Irish Martyrs.” This day also commemorates the role of immigrants like the Irish, Scots and Germans in the war.


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Pamela Acosta is a Mexican travel photographer and writer for Yucatan Holidays. She is seeking to travel throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, Riviera Maya & Cancun in an attempt to capture beauty and wonder in words & pixels. Follow Pamela on Twitter.


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