The second week of November will be a very natural and wild one in Merida.

From its beginning in 1977 in South Africa, the WWC has become the world’s longest running
forum of debate and action on the most critical environmental issues of our time. The 30 year history is unique not simply in its length, but in the commitment to involve everyone. In addition to world leaders in government, business, science, art and religion, the Congress is open to the public.

Each WWC is a conservation project that takes two to three years, during which conservation
objectives are identified, and structures and coalitions formed to achieve them. Past
milestones include conceptualizing the World Bank’s Global Environment Facility at the 4th
WWC, which has resulted in over $12 billion invested in environmental protection and
sustainability worldwide. The same Congress saw the first World Wilderness Inventory, and
the first inventory of Wild Rivers of the World (both recently updated at the 8th Congress).

Now for the first time in the history of this important group, the WWC visits Latin America and the place is Mexico – in the white city of Merida – home to 2009’s WILD9. The Mayan world of the Yucatan welcomes WILD9 with its outstanding hospitality, just as it also provides historical examples of a once-great civilization that over-reached its environmental reality. Also important in the selection of Mexico was the commitment of Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon, an avowed “green president” who has launched many national, regional and global environmental initiatives. Plus, there is the promise of significant and effective new environmental action throughout all of the Americas, as governments, corporations and private citizens are working to create programs
to sustain the natural services we need, and to protect the natural world that provides them.

Yucatan Holidays and the eco-friendly endless luxury resort Hacienda Tres Ríos in the Riviera Maya are the appropriate example of the commitment of Mexico with the natural conservation. The resort awarded with the Green Globe Certification and member of The Rainforest Alliance and the World Heritage Alliance is proud to promote the important upcoming event.

During the 6 – 13 November in Merida, there will be numerous training sessions for professionals, workshops and poster sessions, technical and associated organization meetings, a two-day
Global Wilderness Forum, and five days of Wilderness Working Sessions.

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