Cancun boasts beautiful beaches, fine restaurants, and unparalleled nightlife, and you won't find a better party than the one at Coco Bongo.

Best Nightclub

Coco Bongo is one of the best clubs in Mexico. What makes it so special? The shows with more than 25 dancers performing in some 20 musical numbers. The multilevel design's three floors allow each and every partygoer to appreciate the choreography, lighting and exceptional sound system.

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Action Packed Shows

The Spiderman show is one of the classics and a few months ago the Batman show opened, during which you'll relive the best scenes from The Dark Knight Rises. The Tron-themed act features blaring Daftpunk, extraordinary acrobatics and a supurb neon light show.

The Music

A combination of techno, pop, dance, hip-hop, current hits and classic rock will make this a night you will not forget. Coco Bongo plays rhythms for all tastes and styles, from Elvis to Pitbull, and music from all over Latin America .

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Cabaret Night

Coco Bongo produces two cabaret shows: Chicago and Moulin Rouge. Other sexy performances include a Samba act and imitations of stars like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera.

Comedic Fun

During The Mask and Beetlejuice shows, characters interact with people, while making them drink shots of tequila, dancing, and climbing on the bar. Partygoers become part of the show and that makes the experience even more fun.

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Yucatan Holidays knows you want to experience all of this, so we've created a special all inclusive package which includes two tickets for Coco Bongo with open bar.

Have you been to Coco Bongo? Which is your favorite act or which one would you like to see? Please leave a comment.

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