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Cancun is famous for its exciting nightlife. If you are staying in the Riviera Maya and would like to experience Cancun at night it is less than an hour away. However, maybe a huge disco in the Hotel Zone doesn’t suit your tastes. Why not spend an evening with the locals in a downtown bar or cantina? If you are staying in the Hotel Zone downtown is only 5-25 minutes from your hotel. Here are some downtown Cancun nightspots where you can mingle with the residents and experience the local culture.

1) Roots Jazz Club

Roots is located in the heart of downtown Cancun on Tulipanes Street (no. 22). Open since 1988, it is the only Jazz Club in Cancun and features live music, from traditional to contemporary jazz, blues and funk, and flamenco jazz fusion. They offer cold cuts and cheese platters, sandwiches and of course wine, beer and cocktails. The interior is inviting and relaxing. They are open Wednesday through Saturday, 6pm-1am. The atmosphere is casual and Roots prides itself on the positive vibrations that fill their establishment.

Great jazz music at Roots

2) La Taberna

One of the most popular bars in Cancun, locals gather at La Taberna (The Tavern) to shoot pool, have dinner, play table games or watch a sporting event. They have an extensive menu, a full bar and 2x1 beer and cocktails every day. The establishment has grown over the years and is now a very large pub. They are located on Yaxchilan Avenue (no. 23A) and are open every day from 1pm-5am.

La Taberna in the heart of downtown Cancun

3) La Cantinita

This quirky, colorful bar and restaurant has only been open for about a year. Located in Plaza Solare on Bonampak Avenue right across the street from la Plaza de Toros, they have a huge terrace from which you can view all of the new high rise condominium buildings in downtown Cancun. Every Wednesday is “miercoles cumple” (birthday Wednesday). If you celebrate your birthday during the month of your visit you will receive a special gift. La Cantinita (The Little Cantina) has other special promotion days as well. They serve Mexican food, beer, wine and cocktails. They are open every day from 1pm until 2 or 3am. Every night but Sunday they have a live band that starts a 9:30pm.

Great mexican food & drinks in La Cantinita

4) Los 4 Elementos

This cozy space is located in the hotel Xbalamque on Yaxchilan Avenue. Los 4 Elementos (The 4 Elements) features live bohemian music. The atmosphere is intimate and interactive. They are open Monday through Saturday from 9pm-3am. You can order food which they will bring you to from the hotel restaurant and they offer a full bar including wine.

Los 4 Elementos for a bohemian afternoon

5) Las de Guanatos

With various locations in Cancun, Las de Guanatos is a favorite with locals. Their specialties are “tortas ahogadas” (baguette sandwiches drown in savory sauce) and “micheladas” (prepared beer cocktails). Try the mango michelada. There are locations downtown in Plaza de Toros on Bonampak Avenue and Plaza de Angel on La Luna Avenue. All locations open in the early afternoon and close late.

Yes, that is the author having a michelada in Las de Guanatos


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Kristin Busse Kristin Busse is an American expat who has been living in Cancun, Mexico since 2001. A wife, mother, singer, salsa dancer and now writer, she has worked in many different industries but is currently enjoying exploring the Yucatan Peninsula and sharing her expertise and experience with readers around the world. Follow Kristin on Twitter.

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