Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

by Paola Sofia Moreno

Why pick Yucatan for your next vacation trip?

I’ll tell you why…

Yucatan has everything for any kind of traveler.

Let me put it this way…… Your dreams come true in Yucatan.

From the simplest backpacker get-away trip to the most luxurious livable experience, unique for the endless adventurer and enchanting for the most demanding taste; Yucatan is for all and for everyone that craves for that unique escape that will stay in your mind and your heart for ever.

Paseo Montejo in Merida

Whether you are looking for colonial architecture, walking down the most beautiful street in Merida City (Paseo Montejo) or visiting Valladolid City and getting transported to that colonial time, you will be able to taste a piece of Mexico’s history, or even way back in time, because you are more attracted to one of the most advanced pre-Hispanic cultures, the Maya and their majestic architecture which will astound with its ruins from the coast in Tulum, through all the Yucatan Peninsula, with endless archeological sites to be visited. Guided by experts, you will walk through the time and era of the Mayas.

Dzitnup Cenote in Yucatan

Perhaps you are looking for a culinary experience? Picture unimaginable exquisite flavors, unique in ethnicity and preparation, from a little palapa in the beach to the most sophisticated restaurant, the variety is out there.

But maybe you are just awed by the most amazing nightlife and endless fun and party with live shows, exclusive night clubs and wide variety of contemporary music in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Or maybe, just maybe, you are just like me, and just can't get enough of Yucatan: from its white sand beaches to the natural reserves such as Sian Ka’an, from the mystical cenotes (sinkholes) like Dzitnup and underground caves (Balankanche), Yucatan is all of this and much more for you and I to discover.


About the Author

Paola Sofia Moreno Paola Sofia Moreno Ordorica AKA Sofia Quast is a 32 year old Mexican Biologist is passionate about outdoors and travelling around the world. She enjoys good food, good wine and good company and loves long walks with her husband.

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