We will soon have the most important event of the year at Chichen Itza (sounds like “chicken pizza”).  Sir Elton John, the English singer-songwriter, composer, and pianist, will perform on stage in front of the spectacular Kukulkan Pyramid, Saturday, April 3rd, 2010.  The show promises to be an amazing experience at one of the most visited and renowned attractions in Mexico.

Last year, Sarah Brightman performed at Chichen Itza for only a few thousand lucky attendees.  Since Chichen Itza is not a large venue, tickets are in demand for the Elton John concert.  Regardless of ticket prices ($1,000 - $10,000 MXN Pesos), many of Elton John’s fans already have their tickets in hand.

Yucatan Holidays now offers you a chance to attend this fabulous concert.  We’ve created three special vacation packages, so you too can enjoy the magic of Chichen Itza and the inspiration of Elton John’s songs. Follow the link below to book any of the packages designed for every budget (starting at only $135 USD per person)!  Travel to this Mayan paradise, and experience an unforgettable vacation, while enjoying the notes of one of the most important musicians of our time.


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  1. robert toy

    I am looking to purchase 2 tickets to Elton John 3 April 2010. No hotel…mexico ticketmaster inpenetrable. advise..Your phone number…no answer..

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