vacation mexico

by Stacey Marcus


72 hours later and there I was in Mexico, alone and not knowing which direction to go, where I would sleep that night, or how I would get to this unknown magical place. The trip had come about very spontaneously; to be exact it was a last minute cheap fare that was irresistible. Hopefully traveling in a foreign country, by myself, with the warmth of the sun, the beautiful beaches and a friendly welcoming by the locals would do the trick of forgetting my woes and gaining a new perspective on life. The woes of nursing a broken heart – a failed relationship of course, and the recent loss of a job would hopefully be a thing of the past.

stacey marcus

I found a wonderful room to rent for the week and was amazed that my time and worries flew by as I was enveloped by a rich culture, a beautiful language, friendly locals, amazing beaches, spicy food and of course some margaritas. On my last day in my new found home I was cruising around the local craft market soaking everything in when I was invited by an unknown fellow American to join him and his friend for a drink. I through caution to the wind and accepted the invite. Over the course of the night, and a few bonus days (I missed my flight), I fell in love with this invitees’ friend. Over the past year and a half my new love and I have been brainstorming about merging our lives together, back to the place that brought us together, Mexico. We have our sights set on the West coast of the Yucatan. Tulum! Playa! Cancun! We want to spend more time in this area and find our new home! You can visit us when we do….

About the Author

stacey-marcus Stacey Marcus is an avid tele-skier, mountain biker and hula-hooper living in Boulder Colorado. She is currently looking for work opportunities and a new home in Mexico with her novio y perra.

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