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Is there anything better than a beach vacation? Well maybe if you add a hotel with a pool in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya to the equation! Beaches and pools provide healthy fun for the whole family. Think about it, if you and your family are goofing around on the beach, there’s no chance of anyone getting hurt if they fall down. In addition, swimming is a great aerobic workout. So get out those bathing suit and towels (don’t forget the sunblock), head down to the beach or pool and enjoy some of these games and activities that are fun for the whole family.

How about a beach ball race?

The object of this game is for players to push a beach ball with their nose, while swimming, to the other end of the pool. The first player whose beach ball reaches the end of the pool wins.

Here’s another kind of beach ball race:

Players should remove their shoes and hold a beach ball between the knees. First one across the finish line wins! Try it in the sand.


Marco! Polo!

An oldie but goodie. One person whose eyes are kept closed shouts “Marco” and the other players respond with “Polo”. The person who can’t see then tries to tag one of the others. When he/she does, that person will be “it”.

Sand Games

Bury each other in the sand, dig a hole in the sand, play tic tac toe in the sand, build a sandcastle. Isn’t sand great?

Swim and Hunt for Treasures

Toss homemade objects that will sink, and are not sharp, into the pool. Have the players close their eyes, then scatter the objects around the pool. Count to three, have them open their eyes, and they must start diving for treasures. Whoever gets the most treasures wins.



Umbrella Racing?!

Place at least two closed umbrellas on the edge of the pool. Players take off from the edge of the pool farthest away from the umbrellas. After racing to the edge where the umbrellas are, each player grabs one and opens it. The open umbrella must be held above the surface of the water as the player swims back to the side where they started. First one there wins.


Look for sea shells and stones that have a natural hole in them. When you get home you can make jewelry out of them with just a chain or a leather strap. It will make a great memento from your trip.

And don’t forget about these classic fun activities: beach or pool volleyball, kite flying or Frisbee.



Did we miss any?

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