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Father’s Day in Mexico (El Dia de los Padres) is the third Sunday in June, just like it is in the U.S. and various other countries. What will you get Dad this year? Will you be taking a vacation to Mexico this month? How about a Mexican souvenir? Markets and shops in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya offer lovely handicrafts from all over Mexico. Give your father an interesting, special Father’s Day gift this year.


What is more Mexican than tequila? Wikipedia reports that “Mexico has claimed the exclusive international right to the word "tequila", threatening legal actions against manufacturers in other countries.” Tequila comes in various colors and grades including “ultra-premium” and “super-premium”. This traditional Mexican spirit can be used in recipes and cocktails, but maybe Dad will just want to sit back, relax, and sip it slowly, straight up!

A Guayabera

A guayabera is a traditional Mexican wedding shirt.  The origins of the guayabera are a mystery but many people think the shirt is from Cuba. It is also worn in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, among other places. Although formerly associated with older men in the U.S., the guayabera is now popular with all ages due to the resurgence of retro styles. Dad will look great in one!

A Panama Hat

The Panama hat is of Ecuadorian origin. It is also known as a Jipijapa, after a town in Ecuador. The hat became associated with the tropics, like the Caribbean, in the beginning of the 20th century. Recently the hat has become very fashionable again and singers, models, teenagers, men and women sport them. Maybe Dad can wear his new hat to his Father’s Day celebration in Cancun or Playa del Carmen!

Silver Trinkets

He might not want a silver bracelet or earrings, but what about a money clip or a lighter? Silver has a rich history in Mexico. Taxco is Mexico’s most well known “silver city”, but intricate silver goods can be bought all over Mexico, including in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. Just be sure to look for the “925” stamp which indicates that the item is made from genuine silver.


We’re not suggesting this become a regular habit, but why not let your normally health conscious dad off the hook this Father’s Day and get him a box of Mexican cigars. Mild, flavorful and relatively inexpensive, Mexican cigars date back to the mid 19th century. Many speculate that the practice of rolling smoking tobacco began with the ancient Mayan civilization. Explain the history of Mexican cigars to Dad when he opens his gift!

Come to think of it, maybe you should get Dad one of each of these Mexican souvenirs. The photograph you take of him drinking, wearing, using and smoking his gifts all at the same time will be a priceless Father’s Day memory.

What´s the best gift you´ve given your dad?

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Is an American expat who has been living in Cancun, Mexico since 2001. A mother, singer, salsa dancer and now writer and community manager, she has worked in many different industries but is currently enjoying exploring the Yucatan Peninsula and sharing her expertise and experience with readers around the world. Follow Kristin on Twitter


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