Learn to talk Mexican!
Traveling to Mexico soon? There are some things we recommend you carry with you for an unforgettable vacation: your camera, city maps, and this list of must-know Spanish phrases.

I want to go to the beach!1. “Disculpe. ¿còmo llego a ___?"
“Excuse me, how do I get to___?"

Cancun is easy to navigate, but in case you get lost and need directions, grab your city map and a pen and let the natives point you in the right direction.

Show me the money! 2. “¿Cuánto cuesta esto?”
“How much does this cost?”

Vacations are about splurging, but everyone travels with a budget so before you say yes, use this phrase. Remember most prices will come in Mexican pesos!

Late? 3. “¿Qué hora es?”
“¿What time is it?”

Even if you’re on vacation and have decided to forget about time and dates, you don’t want to miss a bus, tour, or a plane!

no hablo español 4. “No hablo español.”
“I don't speak Spanish.”

Chances are the person you are speaking with speaks English. Give our Spanish guide a try, but for more complicated things, use this helpful phrase.

Where is the bathroom? 5. “¿Dònde queda el baño?”
“Where is the bathroom?”

No matter where you are, this will always be a handy phrase to have around.

mmm... is that a cricket? 6. “¿Qué es esto?”
“What is this?”

In your travels, you will run into many new experiences and things. This phrase will never leave you wondering what that unique Mexican souvenir is or what is in your food.

Smile! 7. “¿Puede tomarme una foto?”
“Can you take my photo?”

Be ready to pose for those perfect vacation photos you will upload to Facebook. You want to be in some of them, right?

Buenos dias! 8. “Buenos dìas.” “Good morning.”
/ “Buenas noches.” “Good evening.”

It is a major tradition in Mexico to say good morning, afternoon (and all its variations) to friends, strangers, and even foes.

Gracias from Mexico 9. “Muchas gracias.”
“Thank you very much.”

It never hurts to say a heartfelt “thank you” when someone has served you, given you directions, or any amiability.

My bad :( 10. “Disculpe, no lo sabia.”
“Excuse me, I didn’t know.”

It is possible you can make mistakes or break some cultural norm. No problem, just apologize. A variation to this is also “lo siento.” This literally means “I feel it,” but it’s taken as a “sorry.”

How do you say...tequila! 11. “¿Cómo se dice…?”
“How do you say…?”

This phrase comes in handy when you’re a fluent speaker or just a curious traveler who wants to learn the language during his travels.


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pamela Pamela Acosta is a Mexican travel photographer and writer for Yucatan Holidays. She is seeking to travel throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, Riviera Maya & Cancun in an attempt to capture beauty and wonder in words & pixels. Follow Pamela on Twitter.

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