It’s been a long road since the beginning of the contest (well not too long, but at least a couple of weeks). We gladly received numerous photographs from people around the world. Some sunsets,  families, friends, animals, archaeological sites, beaches, cenotes and more!

Thank you very much for joining us! It’s been a lot of fun and some hard times picking the 10 finalists.  As you must already know, we only received 1 photo of a creative friend (Thank you Matthew Wolff!); but many others from great amateur and expert photographers that have had the chance of visiting Mexico before.
The 3 winners did an amazing job! A lot of friends and family members LIKEd their photos and that’s why they will now have the hard time deciding who is coming to paradise with them (did you think is was going to be easy?).

A photo is worth a thousand words so, here are the winners of our contest and the lucky guys that will receive a 5-day stay in Cancun!



Cynthia Modesto (188 LIKES)The Cañon del Sumidero, Chiapas.

Sylvia Campa  (153 LIKES)---A-Cancun-sunset-over-the-Lagoon.

Nikki Snyder (128 LIKES)---Xel-Ha-Eco-Park-in-the-Riviera-Maya



Matthew Wolff ---I-Want-to-Love-Mexico

Congratulations again and keep an eye on our Facebook page and our Twitter account because we’ll have more contests soon!

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