Chichen Itza in Yucatan

The Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico calls me. I long to swim in one of those subterranean, water-filled caves known as cenotes (“say-note-ays”); gaze up at the famous pyramid of Chichen Itzá; try my hand (or should I say foot?) at dancing the salsa all night, followed by hours and hours beneath a palapa on the sands of Cancun the next day.

Ikkil Cenote

Five years ago, my husband narrowly survived cancer, but lost the ability to eat. Despite surviving on a liquid diet, he persuaded me to sell or store most of our worldly goods and begin a life of cruising on a sailboat. Can you blame us if our bucket list is long? And this part of the world is right up at the top of it.

So, give me the Riviera Maya! Send me to a working hacienda where I can pick up a strand of sisal to twist into rope. Take me to the ruins at Tulum. (Just the name gives me a chill!) Show me how the Spanish conquistadors carried on their opulent lifestyles in 16th century Uxmal. Even now, I picture their rich finery – the men’s capes billowing behind them like liquid; the ladies’ gowns made rich by the tedious lace-and-beadwork of hundreds of needles.

Flamingos in Celestun

Once I’m sated with culture and I’ve absorbed my fill of sunshine-rich beaches, I want one more thing… the biopreserve of Celestún. Put me in a panga and glide me down the river past its famous pelicans. One thing is for sure: throughout my sojourn, I’ll be richly pampered by the hospitality for which Mexicans are so famous.

The sailing vessel Last Resort is currently transiting the Sea of California as the author, PR maven, freelance writer and lover of all things Mexican, Sharon Drechsler ,works onboard.

About the Author:

Sharon Drechsler Sharon performs PR and writes about travel, boating and the timeshare resort industry. She is Yachting Examiner for, Contributing Editor for Resort Trades and CEO of Drechsler Communications.

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