Facebook (FB) has about 500 million users worldwide so it’s no surprise that individuals and organizations that already have their own website also have a FB page. One convenient aspect of FB, everything is on that one page. Owners can share highlights from their websites, post interesting links and maybe a photo of the day. They can also answer questions and interact with users. Of course we have all heard of Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet, but you may not be aware of these independent travel organizations. They are passionate about travel and culture and can all be followed on FB.

They may inspire you to change your life.

World Nomads Keep Traveling Safely

With a whopping 47,039 likes on FB, they are doing something right. This organization was created from founder Simon Monk’s first hand travel experiences. Their focus is to keep adventurous and independent travelers safe on the road. They provide convenient and flexible travel insurance but they also care about giving back and have their own philanthropy, the Footprints Network. Follow World Nomads on Facebook.

Everything Everywhere Around the World Travel Blog

One of Time Magazine’s 25 Best Blogs of 2010, this guy’s FB page has 14,315 fans. Yes, he is just one Midwestern guy who has been traveling around the world since 2007. Gary Arndt loves to get e-mails, IMs and friend requests on FB. He’ll even meet with you for food and drinks if he is going to be in your area. Follow Everything Everywhere on Facebook.

Gap Adventures The Great Adventure People

With 12,780 followers on FB, this global adventure travel company started by Bruce Poon Tip concentrates on sustainable authentic experiences. They have a lifetime deposit policy. If you need to delay or cancel a trip your deposit can be used on any future tour and is transferable, or you could donate it to their non-profit Planeterra Foundation and they’ll match your donation. Follow Gap Adventures on Facebook.

Matador Network For the Love of Travel

They produce a website, a print magazine, a social network, live events and a new media school, and they have 12,641 likes on FB. Geared towards travelers who are interested in the world and how they can contribute to it in a positive way, Matador Network, and its co-founders Ross Borden and Ben Polansky say that Matador-ians are explorers, linguists, entrepreneurs, writers, filmmakers, photographers, activists, and adventurers. Follow Matador Network on Facebook.

Sharing Travel Experiences A Travel Lifestyle Magazine

The idea here is to learn from others. Their motto is “We’re like your best friend who’s already been there,” and with 9,215 fans on FB, there are a lot of people to learn from. They do fun interviews with travelers and Andy Hayes, that travel guy, explains that they pride themselves on knowing the best places to stay and the best things to see whether they be expensive or economical, off the beaten track or well-known tourist attractions. Follow Sharing Travel Experiences on Facebook.

Loco Gringo Mexico Online Reservations and Travel Guide for the Riviera Maya In 1992 Kay and Gary Walten quit their jobs and followed their dreams to Akumal, Mexico. A diving student suggested they offer vacation rentals to their dive groups and the general public over this new thing called the internet . They started out with 8 rental properties and now represent more than 350 hotels, resorts and rental properties and have 6,770 likes on FB. Their philanthropic efforts show how much they care about the locals, animals, culture and the environment. They even helped organize a “Hope for Haiti” benefit concert. Follow LocoGringo on Facebook.

Nomadic Matt's Travel Site Life Untethered

Matt is a self-proclaimed vagabond who has been on the road regularly since 2005. Everything this Boston native owns fits into one bag and he has 4,875 followers on FB. He offers travel tips, a blog, and travel guides for backpackers and budget travelers for an impressive number of destinations. There is not enough money in the world to get him to go back to Vietnam. Follow Nomadic Matt on Facebook.

Globe Trooper Travel Partners Wanted

globe Don’t have a travel partner? Find one among Globe Troopers 2,465 fans on FB. On their website you can find trip ideas, create trips, and then invite others. The co-founders Lauren McLeod and Todd Sullivan believe you can put your minds together and invent ingenious ways to live with locals and/or discover untouched and untrodden places. They want you to collaborate and build the trip of a lifetime. Follow Globe Trooper on Facebook.

2 Backpackers See the World with Your Partner

2back Jason Castellani and Aracely Santos are a couple whose mission is “to backpack in foreign lands in an effort to discover and validate their passions, step outside of their comfort zone and grow as individuals”. 2,435 FB followers want to join them. As of July 31, 2010, they were back at home in New Jersey, but they will keep you posted about their travel plans and they still have a lot of videos and pictures to edit and share from their last trip. Follow Two Backpackers on Facebook.

Solo Travel Society Best Solo Travel Destinations

Janice took off on her first travel adventure when she was 15 and first traveled solo in her 20’s. Later she traveled with her husband and children. Sadly, her husband has passed away, so she travels solo again. She takes requests for information about specific destinations from her 1,874 FB fans. She will meet with you via phone or Skype before your first solo travel experience to give you advice and support. You can’t beat that. Follow Solo Travel Society on Facebook.

There are many more great travel pages on FB. Chances are if they have a website, they have a FB page. Can you tell us what some of your favorites are?

Stay tuned for our 10 Most Inspiring Travel Tweeters!


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Kristin Busseis currently a travel writer but has worked in many different industries. She lives in Cancun, Mexico and plans to use her diverse experiences to write about the Yucatan Peninsula from her unique perspective.


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  1. Kristin Busse

    Aw, thanks for commenting ladies! I truly was inspired by your stories!

  2. A.B.

    Yes we too are inspired by them all. We hope to make your list next time Kristin. Have a awesome #TravelTuesday!

  3. Melanie Haiken

    Love this list; some of my faves are here and found a few new friends too. Hope by the next time you do this, my FB page for Health-Conscious-Travel will rank! ( – ; At least I can dream…

  4. Alicia

    Thanks for including World Nomads on this list Kristin! It’s great to be considered among some truly inspiring companies and travellers!

  5. Kristin Busse

    A.B. send me your site address or name, the link is broken. 🙁

    I will check out your page Melanie!

    Gracias for commenting!

  6. Kristin Busse

    You’re welcome Alicia! Including you guys was a no brainer!

  7. Kristin Busse

    You’re welcome “that travel guy”! I hope many more travelers will discover your inspiring organization.

  8. inka

    I follow them all and each one is inspiring in their own way. I aim to be one of them, one day, inspiring older women who love to travel in some style and comfort to go and see the world.

  9. Revati Victor

    Great list! I was already following most of them as my travel page, just went and liked up the rest! Thanks!

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