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Man on Fire: Located in Manchones Reef on the coast of Isla Mujeres

Since November 2009, Cancun and Isla Mujeres have their own underwater museum, just like the ones in Canterbury (UK) and in the West Indies. The artist, Jason de Caires Taylor, started the first of three phases for the project with the placement of three sculptures: Hombre en Llamas (Man on Fire), La Jardinera de la Esperanza (The Gardener of Hope), and El Coleccionista de los Sueños Perdidos (The Archive of Lost Dreams).

De Caires Taylor is currently working on 400 life-size sculptures of figures called The Silent Evolution. “I am excited that this will become the beginning of the world’s largest underwater museum. This is a unique opportunity to explore the boundaries of art and combine it with reef conservation,” said the British sculptor.

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The Gardener of HopeThe Underwater Museum is now open to visitors. The Archive of Lost DreamsArt and beauty in the Caribbean.The artist working on The Man on Fire

Coming soon!  The world’s largest underwater museum will start its second and third phase in Cancun and Isla Mujeres.  All photos: Jason de Caires Taylor

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    • Yucatan Holidays

      Hey RumShopRyan, so far there are only 3 sculptures underwater, they are working on all the others, is a very ambitious project! And no, it’s not to deep for snorkeling! Thank you for the comment!

  1. Car Hire

    This place is great! I would like to visit this small underwater museums! It seems so exotic and beautiful!

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