Our vacation photos are important, they remind us of all of the precious memories we created during our travels.

On your visit to Cancun, get creative and stop by these five perfect spots to take pictures.

cancun bridge

1. Calinda Bridge

Calinda Bridge, where the island of Cancun is connected to the mainland, is located in the Hotel Zone at Km 4. This is where Nichupte Lagoon meets the Caribbean Sea, where freshwater meets saltwater. The view looking either way is gorgeous, and you can see the pirate ships docked at the Embarcadero, which set sail nightly.

Plaza Forum Cancun

2. Forum by the Sea

Forum by the Sea aka Plaza Forum is located in Cancun’s Party Center, where all of the hottest nightclubs and bars can be found.  Take pictures in front of the giant Hard Rock Cáfe guitar,  with the street performers that appear nightly, or in front of Coco Bongo’s Spiderman, Beetlejuice or The Mask.

Isla shopping mall Cancun

 3. Plaza La Isla

This charming open air shopping mall has it all, restaurants like Planet Hollywood and Johnny Rockets, activities like the Interactive Aquarium and lots of shops. Right before sunset, head to the fountain next to Hooters which overlooks the lagoon. You will get some unbelievable shots here.

Cancun beaches

 4. Playa Delfines (Dolphins Beach, El Mirador)

Cancun boasts many beautiful beaches, but this one is unique because there aren’t any hotels, restaurants, or structures of any kind. This public beach located at km 18 of the Hotel Zone is a local favorite. Before you head down the stairs, take some photos with the azure Caribbean in the background.

cancun nightlife

 5. Party Center

Each evening the glitzy Party Center lights up, preparing for locals and tourist who come to party the night away. For the best picture of one of Cancun’s most renowned areas, stand across the street from the Coral Negro Flea Market close to the bus stop, point and shoot!

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