Where did Chichen-Itza’s inhabitants go?

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Sac-Nicte or "White Flower",  was born in Mayapan, sister city of Uxmal and Chichen Itza.

Canek meaning "Black Snake," was a very stubborn prince who at the young age 21 was named king of the city of Chichen Itza.

Legend has it that Canek and Sac-Nicte fell in love at first sight, the night he became king . However Sac-Nicte was already intended for another man, Ulil, the crown prince of the city of Uxmal.

Messengers of Mayapan went to the city of Chichen Itza to invite Canek to the wedding of the daughter of the king of Mayapan. Canek confirmed his attendance, but then messengers from Uxmal arrived with another message. They invited Canek to the wedding as well, but he was to sit by the Sec-Nicte the day of the ceremony. He accepted their invitation.

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It is said that after Canek received these messages he met an old dwarf who said, "The White Flower (the meaning of Sac-Nicte) is secretly waiting for you, are you going to let go another claim her?" Then the dwarf disappeared.

The day of the wedding, Sec-Nicte looked radiant. Canek arrived with sixty of his warriors, walking directly toward the altar, where the ceremony was to be conducted. Canek snatched the princess. This caused a war to begin; Chichen Itza vs. Mayapan and Uxmal.

That's how the inhabitants of Chichen Itza abandoned their city, and traveled until they found a quiet place in the jungle, where they contructed a new city, leaving Chichen Itza empty, as it still is today.

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