What would your perfect day in Cancun be like? We think it might go something like this...

After sleeping in, a late breakfast, or better yet, a delicious Mexican brunch, and maybe a mimosa.

Mexican breakfast

Next, let's head to the beach as the morning sun rises towards it's peak.

That's enough relaxing...how about parasailing?

Hungry again. How does ceviche and cerveza on the beach sound?

More sunbathing, now how about a dip in the pool?

After a lovely massage...

the sun is setting...

so that must mean it's time for a romantic candlelight dinner.

Then, dance the night away!

What would your perfect day in Cancun consist of?

(Y.H. would like to thank these lovely Flickr folks for sharing their perfect vacation photos: knightbefore_99, Tran's World Productions, suraark, dalydose, kimfaul, braewick, Flodigrip's_world)

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Is an American expat who has been living in Cancun, Mexico since 2001. A mother, singer, salsa dancer and now writer and community manager, she has worked in many different industries but is currently enjoying exploring the Yucatan Peninsula and sharing her expertise and experience with readers around the world. Follow Kristin on Twitter


21 Responses to “The Perfect Day in Cancun: A Photo Essay”

  1. Joanna Bartonek

    I wish I could win and take my new husband to this beautiful country and experience paradise with him.

  2. Rosa Juarez

    I wish I would win a trip to a relaxing place and relief some, no, all of my stress.

  3. Jane Sandona

    I wish for sunny Mexican winter days full of smiles and relaxation.

  4. Jennie Nickerson

    My perfect day in cancun would consist of tons of relaxing in the sun with a good book, followed by many trips to the bar for drinks! Maybe a dip in the pool at the end of the night ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. kim minton

    My perfect day in Cancun would could consists of nothing but fun,fun,fun! Kicked back on the beach and enjoying their warm weather and beautiful scenery! This would be so awesome!!

  6. Greta May

    My perfect day in Cancun would consist of fun, sun, and the beauty of it all!!!

  7. Debra Ellifson

    Your perfect day in Cancun, sounds like my perfect day in Cancun!

  8. Holly C.

    my perfect day in Cancun would be sitting by the sea with a fresh squeezed margarita!

  9. Ernest Sandona

    I wish to visit the Cancun area to swim in an underground cave, explore a cenote and to chill with Cervesa on the beach!

  10. Lianne Howard

    breakfast in bed, the day spent on a beach bed, with mango margaritas freely flowing. dinner on the beach, while watching the sunset……….

  11. Wishes!

    I wish to bury my feet,
    in the white sandy beach,
    to swim lesuirely in water so blue,
    under a sky brillant and azure too!
    Only one destiny makes me swoon,
    It’s a place known to all, simply as Cancun.

  12. Sabrina

    I wish to one day take my entire family to Mexico. The one and only time I visited was an adults only getaway. My kids have not forgiven me….yet:)

  13. Cancun Beach

    I want that to be my next stay-cation! I live in Cancun and I never get tired of swimming in the bright turquoise ocean, having a cerveza on the beach, exploring the cenotes, and having a night out with friends. Your post is an excellent representation of the awesome stuff there is to do in Cancun!

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