Some days ago, our dear friends from The Mexico Report presented an article called: 16 Positive Things About Mexico. After reading it, I decided to ask our Yucatan Holidays Facebook friends to share ONE POSITIVE THING about Mexico.  It resulted in real travelers sharing their perspectives about Mexico; sharing positive things about our amazing country. Here are the comments that our Facebook friends left on the wall and if you haven’t, please join us on Facebook too!

Christy Wise
The people!! I have never met an unkind person when I’ve have been in Mexico!
Terra Fewless Passion, pride and kindness to visitors!
Sharyn Mcfc Kent The beautiful beaches!
Lorena Alvarado The food. The people. The history. The culture. Traditions. Colorful.
Beautiful beaches. Drinks; aguas frescas, cervezas, y tequila. I can go on and many do you need :P
David Mulholland Modelo (the beer)
Alisa Flabel Fab weather (except for hurricanes!), great people and food! I live in Seattle where it rains most of the time.
Heather Driver McNamara The people, the history, the culture, diverse landscape. Absolutely love traveling to Mexico!

Facebook Positive Mexico 1Bob Sendel A culture & history second to none in the America's! (My mom's from Mexico!)
JoAnn Najera Perry My Time Share in Puerto Vallarta!!! We go at least once a year and have no problems there!!!
Tony Leworthy Has to be the people
Kristin McCollum The diversity, from culturally-rich colonial cities to thick mangrove jungles. There is much to see and never enough time to see it all.
Trina Hernandez Hotel employees very courteous
Victoria Miller The restaurants and museums in Mexico City, the pyramids and ruins throughout the land (it's where history comes from), the surfing on the Pacific (Troncones), towns with a soul such as old cobble-stone fishing villages like Zihuatanejo, ice cold Negro Modello on Playa La Ropa with fresh pescadillas from Rosie's, fishing off the Baja Penninsula, the hospitality and warmth of the people, celebrating holidays like Easter, Christmas or New Year's Eve, snorkeling opportunities at every beach resort, Eco-tourism...I may have more, but this is a start!
Cindy Griffith Long well, my husb. would say... Corona- but I gotta go with "All the Above" friendly people and beautiful beaches are what come to mind when I think of Mexico...
Andrew Klein Sun, sand, sea, culture, cerveza, señoritas, señors, snorkeling, and the fun people you meet at the pool bar!

Facebook Positive Mexico 2 Charlote Vives Magico!
Wesley Mitchell Great place to get married... Like we did last month!
Amber Barbier warm clear beautiful ocean
Carrie Hunsberger Baskin Natural beauty
Kelly Pancho Martin absolutely EVERYTHING!!! Mexico is awesome.
Chris Michalowski Tequila...and the food, beaches, people!!!!!
Jennifer Hanley Kerns incredible food!
Tina Tevis Nelson The wonderful people that live there.
Clara Reyes The men, Tequila, Food, Nightlife, Mezcal, Cancun, I alone can post 50!
Gale Sipple Cerviche, Guacamole, Salsa and Cochinita Pibil!!! xtabentun, honey and vanilla!
Teresa Packer Mexico taught me that less really is more.
Brian Senecal Topes (really?? LOL)
Michelle Edwards The wonderful Mayan Culture, both past & present
Susan Carlton Diversity of land, sea, reefs, diving, people, food, beverages, pride, beauty, peace and its not as uptight as the US.
Dianne Avery the PEOPLE!!!!
Mary Hickey Reid The roads! Keeps the fainthearted away.
Clarice Bartel MacGarvey The wonderful sense of timelessness, of being connected to the timelines of history, even amid modern amenities---and the lovely, lovely people.
Tami Stout I am raising children here and i love the fact that they are respectful and loving and that the school they attend expects and demands that they are respectful. no making excuses for bad behavior .

Facebook Positive Mexico 3 Robert Bridges its full if Mexicans lol
Juan Carlos Suarez Is the most beautiful place in the world. We can find the beauty of the beach side to the wild ruins. It's completely amazing.
Diane Rivet The people, first and foremost!
Theodore Roman It's awesomely warm!
Cindy Goretzky Storozuk The most beautiful place in the world!
Susan Carlton So much love and so deserved!!!!

As Susan says, so much love and so deserved! If you are reading this post, and you have more positive thoughts about Mexico, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below. And don’t forget to Share this post with your friends and family and invite them to spread the word!

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10 Responses to “The Positive Mexico: Visitors Perspective”

  1. sofia gambino

    I have had the pleasure too live in MExico for 4 years, I just returned too Texas for family matters… I hate it here, MEXICO is home too me, the people are unlike anywhere else in the world i have traveled! MEXICO is not as dangerous as that of living in the USA… in MEXICO we do not have high rate of pettiness in crimes… crimes of the norm are NARCOS and MILITAR, all of which non of you would be hanging out with when enjoying the sites, cultures of MEXICO…. Mexico is a country that offers you the best of all the worlds in one beautiful country! from mountains, beaches, white water rapids, surf, culture and history! MEXICO is WHAT ROME IS too ITALY! those that form opinions about mexico as i say, truly do not know MEXICO and what means too VIVA MEXICO!!!! this is the only place i choose too live… what they do not tell you is that more and more AMERICANS AND CANADIANS are taking residience in MEXICO! not fleeing!!!! THERE is so much more too MEXICO that needs too be explored! PLEASE do not let the MEDIA form your opinions for you until you have had a true tatste of MEXICO and what it has too offer! I LOVE MEXICO FOR MANY REASONS::::

    • Yucatan Holidays

      Sofia, thank you very much for all your kind words. We agree with you in everything! This is a great place to visit, and live. Have a great week!


  2. Clarice MacGarvey

    What’s not to love about Mexico? The vistas are beautiful, the colonial cities are charming, the food is incredible, the history is overwhelming, the archeological zones are spectacular and haunting, the people are lovely—I could go on and on. It is splendid country.

  3. Craig Zabransky

    me encanta con Mexico… I am fortunate to have so many memories and friends south of the border… I look forward to every return.

    stay adventurous, Craig

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