A weekend to remember in Hacienda Tres RiosLast weekend our luxurious Riviera Maya resort, Hacienda Tres Ríos, invited a group of travel bloggers, writers and experts from across the US, to visit the resort, enjoy the activities, relax in the suites and meet with local bloggers.

Kay Walten (LocoGringo) , Cheri Lucas (Trazzler), Craig Zabransky (Stay Adventurous), Chris Gray (Chris Around the World), Rachelle Lucas (Inn the Kitchen), Matt Long (Land Lopers) and Janice Waugh (Solo Traveler) were the travel bloggers invited by the Riviera Maya resort for an unforgettable weekend.

Dinner at the Chef’s Table, Green Globe Certification ceremony, tour along the plant nursery and the exclusive Nature Park, the SenseAdventure tour, the temazcal (a challenging experience!), Mexican dinner and a visit to Playa del Carmen were just some of the activities that the distinguished guests enjoyed during their visit.

This is the first bloggers trip we had and we hope to have more in the future. Are you a blogger or a travel writer? Would you like to be invited to Hacienda Tres Ríos Resort? Why should we pick you? Let us know in the comments below!

In the kitchen with Chef OscarIn the kitchen with Chef Oscar.

The Green Globe Certification During the Green Globe Certification Ceremony.

The SenseAdventure TourA whole new experience, the SenseAdventure Tour.

Salud!The Tequila Tasting was one of the best experiences.

Take a look at the Travel Bloggers in the Riviera Maya photo album in Flickr!



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11 Responses to “Travel Bloggers and Writers: A Weekend In the Riviera Maya.”

  1. Chris @ CAroundTheWorld

    Thanks, Jorge, for your hospitality this weekend. I’m happy that Hacienda Tres Rios took the plunge with a blogger trip. I’d be interested in finding out if the trip paid off later, in terms of ROI, compared to a FAM trip with traditional print writers.

    • Yucatan Holidays

      Lisa, souds great! I would definitely include you in the list for our next bloggers and travel writers trip! Thank you very much for getting in touch!

  2. Cheri Lucas


    Nice photos! Thanks for sharing. Once I have a moment, I’m going to upload all of my photos… Soon!


  3. Rachelle

    Great photo of you in the sombrero! Classic. Fun times! What on earth were you singing/saying when that photo was taken?

  4. Craig Zabransky

    What a great and enlightening few days… a pleasure meeting other bloggers and spending time in the riviera maya – magical mexico.

    Gracias a HTR y Yuc Holidays para todo

    stay adventurous, Craig

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