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The second phase of the Yucatan Holidays Travel Writers’ Quest has begun and now that we have chosen the 20 finalists it's YOUR turn to help these superb writers and bloggers win a 5-day / 4-night Cancun vacation. What do you have to do? It’s very easy:

A) Go to the Yucatan Holidays Facebook Page. If you are not a “LIKER” (formerly, a FAN), please, go ahead and LIKE our page :)

B) Then, take a look at our wall and scroll down to the 20 notes from the finalists OR go to the NOTES tab on the upper part of the Facebook page and read the travel articles.

C) Click the “LIKE” button on the bottom of the selected note and feel free to leave a comment.

There are some amazing articles and stories! Don’t hesitate to take a look at some of them! Remember, the number of "LIKES" will determine the winners and also the three lucky travel writers that will be published in our GUIDEBOOK.

Here are the names and titles of the 20 finalist entries:

1. The Passion of the Art in Playa del Carmen by Kirsten Alana
2. The Oldest Mexican Fishing Village by Martin Christopher
3. 'Twas the Night Before Mexico by Tonya Mitchell
4. A Confined Lane to Secret Beaches by Kay Walten
5. Snorkeling in Playa del Carmen with My Mom by Angelines Villarreal
6. Nothing Can Compare to When You Visit by David Vance
7. Mexico: Beauty, Magic, Hospitality by Nicki Laycoax
8. Dreams Come True in Yucatan by Paola Sofia Quast
9. Yucatan Enchantment by Matthew Long
10. Finding Love in Mexico by Stacey Marcus
11. The Magnificence of the Pyramid of the Magician by Samantha Morley
12. Quinta Avenida, Playa del Carmen: A favorite in the Riviera Maya by Joshua Hinsdale
13. Hidden treasure in the Riviera Maya: Paamul by Susie Albin-Najera
14. World-Class Meets World Heritage by John C. Jack Tyler
15. Adventures are Awaitin’ by Sarah Dowdy
16. The Quest for the Riviera Maya by Isabelle Kenis
17. In Search of Yucatan's Heavenly Hammocks by Nancy Birnbaum
18. Merida: A dream of Paradise by Dianne Avery
19. You Can Do It All or Nothing At All by Stephanie Diehl
20. Uxmal and The Ruta Puuc by Jillian R. Bedell

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