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Driving or riding through the hotel zone, it may seem as if there aren’t any public beaches, when actually, all beaches in Cancun are public, as they are owned by the Mexican government. There are 10 public access points in the hotel zone, and once you are on the beach, you may walk as far as you would like, and swim and relax wherever you would like.

Cancun’s hotel zone is shaped like a 7. These first six beaches are located on the top or northern part of the 7. They are facing Isla Mujeres (Island of the Women) so they are protected and tend to have calmer, shallower waters and narrower beaches.

Playa Las Perlas Km. 2.5

The entrance is well marked and there is public parking.

Playa Juventud Km. 3

Enter next to the deserted Villa Juveniles youth hostel.

Playa Linda Km. 4

Enter near the ferry dock.

Playa Langosta Km. 5
The entrance is well marked and there is public parking.

Playa Tortugas Km. 6.5

Public entrance located next to the Oxxo.

Playa Caracol/Las Palmas Km. 7.5

Enter next to the Fiesta American Coral Beach or through the Xcaret bus terminal.

The following beaches are on the side of the seven, or along the eastern coastline. They tend to have deeper, rougher waters and amazing wide beaches.

Playa Gaviota Azul Km. 9

This beach is located behind Plaza Forum.

Playa Chac-Mool Km. 10

Public entrance across from Señor Frogs.

Playa Marlin Km. 13

Public entrance behind Plaza Kulkucán

Playa Ballenas Km. 14

Public entrance next to the Cancun Palace.________

Playa Delfines Km. 20

Undeniably the most beautiful beach in the hotel zone.
No hotels, no restaurants, only a beautiful white sand beach and turquoise blue water.

Notable beaches without public access:

Yamil  Lu’um Km. 12.5

There are two ancient Mayan structures here thought to have been a temple and a lighthouse tower. Since the only entrance from the street is through the Park Royal, walk north from Playa Marlin.

San Miguelito Km. 16.5

This beach is also home to a small archaeological site.___________

Playa Punta Nizuc Km.21

The entrance is between Club Med and the Westin Regina.

Tell us! Which Cancun beach is your favorite? Why?

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