Recovery in Cancun (Nov.19)

It’s been almost three weeks since the recovery project started on the beaches of Cancun.  It hasn’t been an easy road.  Hurricane Ida hit a couple of weeks ago (luckily causing no damage), and a controversy with an ecological group in Cozumel delayed the starting date.

Today, the recovery project is going smoothly.  The dredge is still on the coast of Cancun, having successfully poured the much-needed sand, even with curious tourists observing and taking pictures of the progress.  Today, Friday the 20th, the recovery is about to reach Punta Cancun (near Forum Mall and The City nightclub), and then later start moving to the south of Royal Sunset Hotel, where everything started, all the way down to Punta Nizuc.

Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc

Recovery in Cancun_dredge

As for concerns from the ecological group, Cielo, Tierra y Mar, in Cozumel (opposed to dragging the sand from the coast of this island), yesterday a tribunal overruled the group and granted permission to move forward with the project, since the group didn’t finance cessation of the dredge.  Pipes and another dredge are expected to arrive on the coast of Playa Del Carmen over the weekend (specifically near the Sandos Playacar Hotel) to begin recovery across 4.2 kilometers on Monday as previously planned.

The recovery program three days ago close to Punta Cancun
Video: Entertainment Plus Cancun

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