cancun 40 despues

Under a bright, sunny day, Cancun is celebrating its 40th birthday today, April 20th, 2010.

Before becoming Mexico’s most important tourist destination, Cancun was a sleepy, fishing village with only three residents in Isla Cancun and 117 people in nearby Puerto Juarez.

This is how Punta Cancun looked like, back in 1970.

This paradise on Earth was found after an extensive land search by the Banco de Mexico to begin Mexico’s tourism development. With a $27 million dollar investment, the Mexican government set its faith in this gorgeous location and funded the first nine hotels. The first Cancun hotel—now Temptation Resort—was built on Playa Blanca.

 In early 70s Cancun was just a fishermens' village.

Today, Cancun operates more than 27,522 hotel rooms and offers hundreds of bars, restaurants, golf courses, marinas, eco parks, nightlife and perfect vacations.

Also known as “nest of snakes” in Mayan, Cancun celebrates 40 years of rich culture and traditions, Mexico’s impressive Mayan Ruins, luscious Yucatan Peninsula jungles and breathtaking Cancun beaches.

Join Yucatán Holidays in wishing Cancun a VERY happy birthday!

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