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During a recent Yucatan Holidays sponsered conference, researcher Luis Seguessa, President of the Uruguayan Codigo Foundation, warned of future natural disasters caused by severe damage caused to the earth and called for implementing a more responsible, environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism.

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"2012 will be key and humanity will have to make important decisions for the sake of future generations and ourselves," said Seguessa, who has been investigating the phenomenon of climate change for more than 25 years.

Invited by the hotel chain Sunset World, Yucatan Holidays, and Hacienda Tres Rios to raise awareness about the preservation of the environment, the specialist emphasized that due to environmental degradation and excessive extraction of oil "we will experience simultaneous earthquakes on the planet, and accelerating climate change will cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions."

"It requires a change of mentality; to have a deeper respect for nature and changing business models to provide more responsible, environmentally friendly, sustainable tourism" Seguessa said, adding that during his first visit to the Mexican Caribbean he has been pleasantly surprised by the natural beauty, local people and resorts like Hacienda Tres Rios that care for the environment.

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The President of the Codigo Foundation, has been spreading this warning in conferences around the world since 2008. He claims there is a direct relationship between daily oil drilling around the world for oil and earthquakes and the American Scientific Seismological Society has reached the same conclusion, although the Department of Homeland Security of the United States argues that "there is still no hard evidence to confirm it."

According to the foundation's analyses and studies, another theory is that "consumption of oxygen by the internal combustion engine vehicles is the main cause of the weakening of the ozone layer and climate change."

"As the automotive world population continues to grow, so will these phenomena. Only then will we understand the seriousness of the matter and realize that this is why everything is happening much sooner than expected, "said Seguessa, who said he was pleased to present this important message to Mexico.

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