Always prepared to surprise and pamper you, the Ocean Spa Hotel invites you to experience a very Mexican evening every Friday night where the typical dishes will leave you wanting more.

The menu

This feast ranges from typical Mexican soups, guacamole, golden brown taquitos, fajitas made to order, as well as seafood in its most varied forms. To accompany your dinner we have tequila, champurrado ( a warm thick Mexican chocolate drink), flavored waters and much more.

The desserts

To conclude this banquet, nothing better than a few Mexican pastries fresh out of the oven made in house and delicious desserts.

The Mariachis 

Of course a Mexican dinner couldn't be complete without an appearance from the joyful Mariachis with their traditional songs such as "Cielito Lindo" "El Rey" and many other melodies of unlimited repertoire of original Mexican music sure to make any heart happy.


Nor can you miss the Mexican crafts, a little silver that would make more than one woman sigh and beautiful clothes to wear. When? Every Friday on the tennis court come hungry and ready to have fun! Make your reservation here.

Writter Bio

Jessica García


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