International Star for Quality Cancun, Mexico (September 20, 2010) – Yucatan Holidays, a Cancun-based travel organization, was awarded the 2010 International Star Award for Quality (ISAQ) by Business Initiative Directions (BID) for its commitment to quality and excellence.

For a second time, Yucatan Holidays received this esteemed award honoring its quality, excellence, prestige, business and technology practices, innovation, and outreach. The first award was granted to the organization’s subsidiary, Premier Cancun Vacations, in 2008.

BID honors distinguished companies and organizations in over 178 countries: "The BID Quality Award is different from other awards, because it is not just focused on the biggest brands. All companies have the same opportunities to compete and to be evaluated by the judges. The BID awards are considered the equivalent of the Oscars or a Nobel Prize in the business world,” said Jose E. Prieto, President of BID.

The 2010 award ceremony and gala dinner were held in the Convention Hall at the Intercontinental Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland, on September 5th and 6th. Prior years' events were held in Paris, Madrid, London, and New York. BID President Prieto granted the award in the presence of representatives from the following professions: economy, art and corporate image, quality management, academics, and The Diplomatic Corp.

CEO of Yucatan Holidays, Erika Garcia, received the coveted platinum award during the convention of the 2010 International Star Award for Quality and was accompanied by Sunset World's Chairman of the Board of Directors, Orlando Arroyo.

The Mexican Ambassador in Switzerland, Luciano Joublanc, congratulated Erika Garcia on receiving the award for Yucatan Holidays and offered his support to pursue opportunities for promoting this achievement within the tourism, cultural, and business circles of Switzerland.
For 24 years, BID has been awarding ISAQs to businesses and organizations that support their countries' successful implementation of a quality-based culture and to promote the organizations' prestigious status. The jury chosen to grant the awards is composed of business leaders who have previously received the award.

Yucatan Holidays


About Yucatan Holidays

Founded by travel expert Erika Garcia in conjunction with the Sunset Group, Yucatan Holidays is a successful leader of inbound tourism operations with a vision and commitment to providing socially and ecologically sustainable travel experiences in the Riviera Maya and the Yucatan Peninsula.


Yucatan Holidays collaborates with local charities, environmental organizations, and regional communities to provide unique, eco friendly vacation experiences for travelers. It offers authentic, cultural vacation options throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, while supporting the region through ecotourism. Yucatan Holidays is also proud to support many charities and sustainable development agencies that assist the company in further benefiting the communities in which it operates.

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