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Yucatán Holidays—a Cancun-based travel group—launched its free travel agent specialist program, Yucatán Holidays Specialist.

The agency also announced its free Cancun vacation give-away through its Facebook Fan page contest.

Cancun, Mexico (April 21, 2010) – Yucatán Holidays, a Cancun-based travel group providing vacationers with a range of hotels, excursions and travel benefits, announced it is now offering travel agents the opportunity to earn certification as a specialist in the Cancun, Yucatán Peninsula and Riviera Maya region.

To become a Yucatán Holidays Specialist, travel agents must register to receive a series of interactive, online lessons and enhance their knowledge on the company’s hotels, tours and attractions, and travel-oriented products. Once a Specialist, agents will be able to take advantage of the Vacation Rewards Program benefits.

“Our Yucatán Holidays Specialists will have access to client leads, the Vacation Rewards Program benefits and special rates,” says CEO Erika Garcia. “Once Specialists receive their accreditation and book travel with us, we supply them with prepaid, personalized MasterCards to which their commissions are paid automatically.”

Yucatán Holidays Specialists are recognized with a full-color diploma that is suitable for framing. The program is recognized by the CITC and the Travel Institute for continuing education credits. Further details may be found at www.YH-Specialist.com

In addition, Yucatán Holidays is giving away 10 free Cancun vacations through its Facebook travel writers’ contests as continued efforts to increase tourism in the Yucatan Peninsula. Participants have the opportunity to win a free Cancun vacation and be published in the online Yucatán Holidays Travel Guidebook. The winners will be picked based on the number of fan votes or “likes” in the Yucatán Holidays’ Facebook Fan page. For more details on the contest, visit https://www.facebook.com/YucatanHolidays. The company is known for its innovative creation of unique travel packages and use of social media.


About Yucatán Holidays

Yucatán Holidays is a visionary company committed to providing inspiring and sustainable travel experiences throughout the Yucatán Peninsula, founded by travel expert Erika Garcia in conjunction with the Sunset Group.

Yucatán Holidays works with local charities, natural environment and the regions local community to provide unique holiday options and experiences to travelers. It offers opportunities to travel throughout the Yucatán Peninsula in an authentic manner, while ensuring that the local area benefits positively from ecotourism. Yucatán Holidays is also proud to support many charities and sustainable development agencies that assist the company in benefiting the areas in which it operates even further.


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