5 Sites to Discover in the Mexican Caribbean

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Valladolid Yucatan Peninsula

In the Mexican Caribbean there are many sites to discover, even beyond the ones that are well-known.  This time around we are going to show you Mayan archaeological sites, nature reserves, and cities that will surely give you once-in-a-lifetime experiences when you visit them. Valladolid After Merida, Valladolid is the most important city in the […]

The Yucatan Peninsula: Beyond Cancun | Part One

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The Yucatan Peninsula Beyond Cancun Part One

Although the white sand beaches and blue turquoise oceans of Cancun draw thousands of visitors each year, this corner of the world has a few more hidden treasures in the depth of the luscious, tropical jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula. The mysticism of the Mayan culture is combined with the architectural beauty and cultural history […]

Handmade Mayan Hammocks of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

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Handmade Mayan Hammocks of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Hammocks may bring to mind thoughts of outdoor relaxation, but they’re also artistic pieces of Mayan Mexican culture. The Mayans of the Yucatan Peninsula have been making strong, comfortable, beautiful hammocks for sleeping, resting, and storage for thousands of years. Hammocks Then Hammocks were initially discovered by Spanish explorers when they arrived in what is […]