Located just 20 minutes north of Cancun is an island known as Isla Mujeres (Island of Women).  It acquired this name when the Spanish arrived many years ago and found female statues on the island dedicated to the Mayan goddess Ixchel, who had a temple there.

Isla Mujeres has everything you need for a weekend getaway or the perfect day trip in the Mexican Caribbean: nature, adventure, good food, and beaches to relax.  Here are 5 places on Isla Mujeres you must visit:

1.  Makax Lagoon

Makax Lagoon

Image: Andreas Bossard via Flickr

They say that in this beautiful lagoon pirates used to wait for Spanish ships to pass by so they could seize them by surprise.  Today it has a marina, with a nice area to walk and enjoy many of its restaurants.  It's definitely a place you cannot miss.

  • Location: Crossing Avenida Rueda Medina, about 1.5 miles towards the south of the island.

2.  Playa Lancheros – La Casa del Tikin Xic

Food Isla Mujeres

Image: Real flavours of Mexico

If you want a place where you can see the blue Caribbean sea while eating delicious regional dishes, then this is the place.  Their speciality is the famous Tikin Xic fish, marinated and cooked with a special achiote ingredient, and roasted in a certain way that gives it a unique flavor.

  • Location:  Playa Lancheros, Carretera a Garrafón km 4.6, next to Palace
  • Tips:  This restaurant also has meat and chicken options.

3.  Casa Caracol

Image: tcllovegolf en flickr

This home used to be considered unusual, but now it is appreciated as architectural beauty.  It was constructed for the painter Octavio Ocampo for his brother.  Marvel at the magic of this house, similar to a giant conch shell, with details that bring marina life to the surface.

4.  Avenida Hidalgo

Isla Mujeres Mexico at night

Image: Mexico Destinos

Isla Mujeres also offers nightlife.  In the tourist area is Avenida Hidalgo where you'll find bars, cafes, dancing, and even artwork and crafts.  This is definitely a bohemian and entertaining place.

  • Tips: On this Avenue you'll find restaurants with all kinds of cuisine: Cuban, Italian, French, Argentina, and others.

5.  Garrafón Park

Garrafon Park Isla Mujeres

This park has everything to ensure you have a great day including  zip lining over the ocean, cliff hiking, swimming with the dolphins, and kayaks.  The best activity has to be snorkeling because Isla Mujeres is home to the Mexican Caribbean reef, the second largest reef in the world.

All of this awaits you and more here in the Mexican Caribbean and on Isla Mujeres.  Reserve your vacation now and take advantage of our specials!

Written by Lizzy Santoyo, translated by Kelly Fitzgerald

Writter Bio

Kelly Fitzgerald

Kelly is a writer from Philly who fell in love with Cancun and never left. A free spirit with a liberal mind and a hippie heart, she lives for days at the beach and nights exploring new places. Her loves include Mexican culture, soccer, and food.


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