Xcaret park opened a new tour called Xenotes, where you can tour 4 types of cenotes (sinkholes). The four types of cenotes are: the semi open cenote, the open cenote, the old cenote and the cavern cenote. Without a doubt, it is a unique experience in which you can participate in different types of activities such as: kayaking, rappelling, zip lines and above all, making contact with the nature that this marvelous place has to offer.

Kayak the cenotes

One of the most fun activities at the “HA” cenote is being able to kayak through it with family and friends. You can admire the natural beauty while snorkeling and seeing the fish. You will notice how they approach you and enjoy your visit as well!

Pay attention when you enter the area where you find the kayaks and you will see tiny tadpoles the size of a dime or even smaller. They are harmless and part of the flora and fauna that make up the Xenotes!

Tour the cenotes

If you need more adrenaline and fun, you will love the ziplines in the “lik” cenote! With the warm and sunny weather of the Riviera Maya and the Yucatan Peninsula, you will not think twice about jumping in to cool off. The ziplines are one of people’s favorite activities.

Cenote ziplines

Finally, you can rappel into the “Lu’um” cenote. This is the cenote where the least sunlight enters, which is why it is called the cavern cenote. If you swim to the darkest part you can find sleeping bats and fish swimming around you. It is a very unique experience.

Cavern cenote

To wrap things up, here are some tips and recommendations for your visit to Xenotes: we suggest you bring water shoes, bug repellent and biodegradable sunblock.

It does not matter if you are in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or another part of the Riviera Maya, this tour has guide and transportation service from your hotel, snorkel equipment, bathrooms, locker rooms, a towel and food.

Visit Xenotes or any of the parks that Xcaret offers you!

Written by Deborah Rocha, translated by Katie Donat

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Southern California girl living in Cancún. Beachgoer. Travel enthusiast. Nature lover. Karma believer. Foodie. Free spirit in search of life’s simple pleasures.


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