Cozumel is not only the island that reigns in diving, it also has the honor to celebrate, on its own land, one of the oldest and most popular celebrations in the entire state of Quintana Roo: the Carnival of Cozumel.

With its love for music, dancing and the good life, its inhabitants have managed to position the Carnival of Cozumel as the 8th most representative of the Mexican Republic, according to what the Council of Tourism Promotion asserts. The excitement begins even weeks before the carnival officially starts ... and it's no wonder since the people choose their king and queen in fierce dance and talent competitions before choosing who will represent them until the next carnival. Among other activities, people are invited to participate in the body of dance that will form the "comparsas" or group of entertainers, and to be one of the creative minds who will work in the most original float. This year the pre-carnival celebration will take place from January 28 to February 19. All events are open to the public.
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The Carnival of Cozumel itself will be from February 22 to March 1, 2017. As the theme of this carnival indicates, this year Cozumel will be "Rumba, Son y Diversión". The entertainers/performers will make you want to dance even against your will with their marvelous moves and contagious dances.  Multicolored costumes, extravagant and elegant feathers, bright sequin costumes and that burning rhythm will rumble through each corner of The Isle of the Swallows. This year will be attended by great artists to be presented at the Malecon or Quintana Roo Park, among the guests are: Grupo Cañaveral, Santa Cecilia, Celso Piña and Alex Abreu and Habana D 'Primera.

Photo courtesy of Victor cv’sblog

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