Did you know that the coral reef is home to hundreds of organisms living in the sea? Yes, this "sea forest" is inhabited by fish, crustaceans, molluscs, turtles and manatees among others. The beauty that emerges from this macrouniverse is a magnet that attracts hundreds of visitors eager to snorkel, swim or dive in its waters.  Cancun and the Riviera Maya are part of the planet's second largest coral reef. With over 600 miles this coral reef spans over four countries: Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. The rich marine life you will encounter here is invaluable so consider these facts:

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 Whale shark

Every year the highest concentration of Whale Sharks in the world comes to the Mexican Caribbean between Holbox Island and  Contoy Island.  The Whale Shark is considered the world's largest fish. The season is estimated between May and September. The white spots that cover their bodies are unique and unrepeatable, they never change even when they grow. Today, the beautiful Whale Shark is endangered and in Mexico it has been protected under the law. If you visit, don't touch, only observe their majesty while swimming at a distance.


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Sea turtles

The coral reef represents food and home to more than 4 species of turtles including the population of the planets seventh largest turtle, the hawksbills.  It lies along the coasts of the states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo in Mexico. It is estimated that only 1 out of 1000 hatchlings born reaches adulthood, most of them don't make it  due to natural predators or humans. We at the Sunset Royal Beach Resort have the Turtle Protection Program to protect turtles from the time they are laid in their nests to hatching. The next time you vacation, you may have the good fortune to release one of these babies sea turtles.

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Contemplate it under the sea

Snorkeling or diving near the magnificent reefs of the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Cozumel, and Isla Mujeres is a unique experience. It is important to know that in many cases the reefs are not very close to the beach and you'll need to take a snorkeling tour in a small boat  to visit this natural beauty. Especially on Isla Mujeres you will find complete tours where you can even snorkel around the lighthouse. Cozumel is possibly home to part of the best diving in the world, as its reefs and cenotes make this island a great place for practicing this sport.

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