Cancun is popular not only for its beautiful beaches, but for its unique nightlife where the best music in the midst of a game of lights and colors are a reason to celebrate. As if this weren't enough, now add to it a replica of what is now considered World Cultural Heritage since 1987, Xochimilco, in Mexico City, now located in the Riviera Maya, a few kilometers from Cancun.  With the flavor and magic of the Mexican Caribbean, Xoximilco fills the night with Mexican music, gastronomy, and a real party. You haven't been yet?
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The Origin of the Trajineras

Decades ago, Xochimilco was surrounded by canals, people moved to other parts of the city with the help of these "gondolas" or "chinampas". During the time of the Porfiriato in 1910 it became customary for a man to take his girlfriend on a ride in a trajinera, that's why the trajineros adorn their boat with an arch of natural flowers and later carry the name of a certain woman, how It is today.

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The Trajineras in Xoximilco

The trajineras of Xoximilco are a work of art and the darkness of the night highlights its beauty even more. Illuminated and bearing the name of one of the states of the Mexican Republic, each one also shows some emblematic feature of the state they represent. And so, with a roar of bells, passengers are asked to enlist to board the boat and begin the adventure in the midst of a starry sky and light heart.

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Mexican Gastronomy

The best of Mexican cuisine comes to light during this journey where a trajinera is loaded with food and where the dishes run from table to table with the most exotic and delicious dishes of Mexican gastronomy.  From the traditional squash quesadillas and "huitlacoche" or corn smut, to the "chapulines" dried grasshoppers, and black mole. Undoubtedly, a sample of why Mexican gastronomy is Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

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The Music and the Party

While one delights with the best of Mexican cuisine, your host also tells the legends that are now a part of Mexican culture. All this is accompanied by games and of course the varied musical trios that you will bump into as you cross down the channel. Needless to mention that the most anticipated stop is the one where the mariachis sing to each of the trajineras and bid us farewell with their singular song "Cielito Lindo".

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We could spend all day talking to you about Xoximilco but the best thing for you to do is come experience it for yourself. Ready to have the most unique night on your vacation? Xoximilco provides the party and we provide the best hotels. Make your reservation at one of our resorts now!

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