One of the guests during the Sense Adventure.

It is an adventure like no other, an adventure of the five senses. Mr. Gerardo Carrera Saucedo and the sense adventure staff at Hacienda Tres Ríos Nature Park and Spa Resort in the Riviera Maya have carefully crafted a tour to engage all five senses either in harmony or one by one: The SenseAdventure Tour™.

It reunites the soul with nature and rekindles the inner-child. Taste, touch, smell, see and hear the uniqueness of the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The distinctive and matchlessness flavors, flora and wildlife of the region make this luxury all-inclusive resort’s nature park the perfect place to experience a tour of the senses.

SenseAdventure Tour

The adventure team guide sense adventure seekers through a small portion of the three hundred twenty-six acres of natural untouched beauty that is nestled next to the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea. Upon completion of the tour, adventure goers experience a type of feeling, warmth, relaxation and happiness that no in-spa massage could accomplish.

You'll have to visit Hacienda Tres Ríos to try the SenseAdventure Tour

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kristin Kristin McCollum is a travel writer that has spent the past year traveling and working throughout Europe and Mexico. Now settled on the Yucatan Peninsula, she finds inspiration in every person she meets and in the natural beauty which surrounds her. Follow Kristin on Twitter.

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