Welcome to the underground world of Xplor! A very sweet “Adios” is the last thing I heard before the zip line guide grabbed my harness and threw me off a very high tower. The next thing I remember is finding myself suspended high above the Yucatan Jungle in mix of fear and awe.

Flying high in the zip lines

I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I was asked to visit Xplor Adventure Park and like a bad writer, I failed to do my research. I arrived wearing workout gear and not knowing that water shoes would have been a great idea. But it all worked out in the end it was a day well spent indeed.

The amphibious vehicles in the jungle!

After swinging through the jungle like a spider monkey, I opted for the cave swim. I swam in a subterranean river meanwhile observing thousand plus year old stalagmites, stalagmites and stopping for the occasional photo. It was an activity that touched the adventurous side of my heart and exposed me to type of nature that I have never before seen. From there, I paddled on a raft through a cave and partook in some off road explorations in an amphibious vehicle, through caverns and over suspended bridges. It was a day full of adventure and I only got to experience a small portion of it.

Before I knew it, the park was closing and everyone was leaving to go home. I felt like a little girl at the amusement park that couldn’t get enough and would have gone all day if allowed. When it was all said and done, I sleepily ended my adventure with a tour of park’s souvenir shop and made the hour journey north back to Cancun.

The heart of Xplor (well, half of it!)

Kristin's Recommendations

1. Make a visit to the park’s souvenir shop first. It is where you can buy water shoes if you didn’t pack some for your trip to Cancun or the Riviera Maya.

2. Don’t worry about food, the park has done an excellent job at setting up food and beverage stands throughout the park. With hammocks and toilets nearby too!

3. Knowledge of Spanish is not needed. All park guides are bilingual and are eagerly willing to assist you in either Spanish or English. Actually, when zip lining from one tower to another; it is fun to switch languages on them. For some of them I spoke English and to others, it was Spanish. But shh that’s our secret.

Amazing landscape below the surface.

Take a look at more photos in our Xplor Gallery.

About the Author

kristin Kristin McCollum is a travel writer that has spent the past year traveling and working throughout Europe and Mexico. Now settled on the Yucatan Peninsula, she finds inspiration in every person she meets and in the natural beauty which surrounds her. Follow Kristin on Twitter.



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