Earth Day 2010

From turquoise blue oceans to exuberant vegetation, Mother Earth has given us striking, beautiful places to visit, one being Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Unfortunately, as travelers our visits tend to strike the environment in a negative way.

Green Travel in Mexico

Responsible, sustainable tourism is necessary if we wish to preserve the sustainability of the environment and the beauty of the colorful coral reefs of the Caribbean, the white sand beaches of the Riviera Maya, and the luscious, tropical jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula. There are certain actions we can take as responsible visitors to compensate for the damage we have caused and prevent further deterioration of our ecosystems.

Making these small gestures will help decrease the impact we have on natural habitats, while still ensuring an exceptional vacation as we enjoy the natural wonders of the Riviera Maya.

Before you leave for your Riviera Maya or Cancun vacation, make your home eco-friendly to help save the environment and help you save money.

*Turn your water heater to the lowest setting.

*Adjust air-conditioner or heater thermostat to the lowest level.

*Turn water off from the outside connection.

*Unplug appliances and switch off surge protectors.

*Discontinue your newspaper delivery during your vacation.

Environmentally conscious hotels and resorts with “green” policies such as Hacienda Tres Ríos in the Riviera Maya are contributing to a more responsible, sustainable tourism industry. When arriving to your resort, make these small gestures and you’ll l help decrease the impact we have on natural habitats:

*Request your room towels and sheets not to be changed everyday.

*Turn off AC, heater, lights, and TV when you are not in the room.

*Take shorter showers and shut-off the water while you apply soap and shampoo.

*Open shades for natural light, but shut them when you’re out to maintain the room temperature.

*Use biodegradable sunscreen and mosquito repellent.

*Do not feed or disturb fish, animals, plants, and other living creatures.

*Do not buy souvenirs made out of animal or plant parts.

*Do not litter and use recycle bins when available.

*Reduce your carbon footprint by supporting projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions to counterbalance the emission from your vacation, otherwise known as carbon offsetting.

Yucatan Holidays & Green Travel

Hacienda Tres Ríos Resort, one of Yucatan Holidays world-class resorts, developed a set of Best Environmental Guidelines as a foundation for its planning, construction, and operation. The Green Team—composed of engineers, architects, and scientists—is in charge of following the Tres Ríos’ mission for sustainable luxury tourism in Mexico; this means ensuring the conservation of the area’s jungles, mangroves, and dunes without sacrificing luxury and comfort.

Visit the Yucatan Holidays website and discover how the Hacienda Tres Rios Resort offers you a real green travel experience for this Earth Day 2010

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