The name Ya’ax Che means La Ceiba, the Mayan tree of life.  This tree can be found in the center of the world – its roots penetrate the infra-world, its trunk rests on the Earth, and its highest branches hold up the sky.  Its branches represent five points of reference: the East is the sun; the North is the feminine; the South is the masculine; the West is the negative; and the center represents the human being.

Ya'ax Ché Spa - Hacienda Tres Rios Resort

Ya’ax Che Spas are located inside each of our hotels, offering guests the opportunity to experience wellness and relaxation in a traditional atmosphere.  Designed to reestablish balance with nature of the mind, body, and spirit, our treatments combine ancestral Mayan wisdom with advanced body health techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

Luxury Wellness

The philosophy of YA’AX CHE SPA is based on the Mayan belief that as human beings, we are connected to everything that surrounds us: the universe, our fellow men, and nature.  Ya’ax Che Spa will help you rediscover this balance in the center of your universe.

Spa treatments are enriched by applying elements of nature with indigenous ingredients, such as lemon grass, lime, jasmine, aloe, cacao, sesame, ecological honey from the tropical jungle and flowers, to name a few, and the use of sacred sounds, herbal baths, quartz and other stones.  The ancient knowledge of these rituals is combined with modern principles in treatments to renew energy and balance the physical, mental, and spiritual self.

Inside Ya'ax Ché Spa

Plan your winter vacation with Yucatan Holidays, and indulge yourself in one-of-a-kind spa treatments in Cancun or the Riviera Maya.  The experience of luxury wellness is up to you.

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    I recommend the collagen facial , it combines the wonders of facials with the magic of reflexology. If you want to see yourself rejuvenated and restored this is the way to go!

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