All Inclusive

Food and beverages included

2 Adults & 2 Children

Under the age of 12


One way (airport-hotel)


This is an exclusively designed product consisting of an introduction letter, a description of the vacation and the terms of participation. Attached to the introduction letter is a unique certificate card which contains a specific serial number for easy identification of each client. The letter and certificate card are professionally folded and neatly placed into a high end, visually appealing envelope.


Are designed with your business productivity and cost reduction in mind. We have an array of electronic certificate designs to choose from are able to work with you to specifically customize and co-brand the certificates to meet your needs. With our simpe online system, not only do you generate the certificates as you need them, but can also track the use of each certificate by your clients.


This certificate is a postcard-sized design which is generally used for large events, such as marathons, concerts, conventions, etc. It is personalized with logos and texts depending on the type of event and the participating company.


This design is degree-like, usually used as a “portable equity” certificate used in vacation or travel clubs. It can also be personalized according to our commercial alliance´s brand guidelines.


In most “gift with purchase”, “loyalty program” and “retail” campaigns, the certificates are designed according to the commercial alliance´s needs, specifications and brand guidelines. Unique and special design; prices vary depending the complexity and volume of the certificates purchased.

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